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DEVELOP is a new professional development programme for photographers initiated by NEPN.  Produced in collaboration with photography curator and mentor Marc Prüst, the scheme is designed to empower reflective photographers to develop a ‘road map’ for their progression, supported by expert mentoring and peer sharing.

DEVELOP aims to deliver responsive support to photographers, building confidence, adaptability and knowledge; develop peer networks and explore models of peer-led learning and exchange; and explore innovative models for the dissemination of work and audience development.

The programme is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Project Manager:
Marc Prüst:  marc@marcprust.com 

NEPN Programme Managers:
Carol McKay             carol.mckay@sunderland.ac.uk
Amanda Ritson         amanda.ritson@sunderland.ac.uk

NEPN Programme and Communications Assistant:
Jemma Gibson         jemma.gibson@sunderland.ac.uk


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